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The Fado Songs of Ary: Poet of the People - Poet of April

Remembering Ary dos Santos, is remembering the strength and beauty of the word, poetic and simple, so simple that immediately came to more modest levels of society.

The poet of the people is recognized by all, for his work, always present, remains in memory and voice of all of us.

Author of more than six hundred poems to songs, Ary was a soldier of the word, a soldier of the Portuguese language. As he said, “Poetry was the way I had to talk to people and be Poet is to choose the words that the people deserve”.

We have a duty to keep Ary dos Santos live within us and in the soul of all Portuguese, reading, reciting, singing his so diverse work.

With all the gratitude for his art and the enormous influence of his poetry, particularly with the posthumous book “As Palavras das Cantigas”, Joana Amendoeira prepared this special project dedicated to the memory of the fado soul who ever lived in that perpetual name of the Portuguese Poetry, selecting the fado songs that marked his poetic work, immortalized by other names greatest names which are two of her main references, Amalia Rodrigues and Carlos do Carmo .

Thank you so much, dear Mr. Ary!