À Flor da pele


To the fifth album Joana Amendoeira reaffirms, without misunderstanding, that the current definition of Fado does not undoubtedly demarcate her name. Much more than a confirmation, it is the crowning of a brilliant career, based on a progressive purification of a very personal and unique style.
To talk about the skin is also to speak of poetry, and so it is still evident the criterion manifested in the choice of poems present in this work, especially since some of them were “commissioned” to some of the most prolific and creative authors of the our square: Tiago Torres da Silva, Jose Luis Peixoto, Pedro Assis Coimbra, Rodrigo Serrão or Hélder Moutinho, with classic authors such as Fernando Pessoa, Pedro Homem de Mello and Agostinho da Silva.
Custódio Castelo signed the production of this album with the participation of musicians Pedro Amendoeira, on Portuguese guitar, Pedro Pinhal, on fado guitar and Paulo Paz, on double bass, who also debuted here as composers.