Muito Depois


“Muito Depois” reflects over 20 years of experience in Fado and features songs from various authors, lyricists and contemporary composers, such as Tiago Torres da Silva, Joaquim Pessoa, Paulo de Carvalho, Vasco Graça Moura, Natália Correia among others.
This album celebrates the meaning of life in its most luminous ways such as love, friendship, motherhood, as well as the darkest ones like disappointment, loss, loneliness and longing. The poetry and emotions of this new album are based on Fado and other traditional Portuguese sounds. The themes presented highlight a geographical context, the Tagus and the special light of Lisboa, portrayed in a passionate way by the fado singer.
Produced by the poet Tiago Torres da Silva, the traditional sound of this album was enriched with the different nuances of special guests, such as Pedro Jóia, on classical guitar, Filipe Raposo, on piano and the extraordinary singer Paulo de Carvalho, with whom Joana recorded the first duet of her career. These guests joined the group of musicians composed by Pedro Amendoeira, on the Portuguese guitar, Rogério Ferreira, on the fado guitar and António Quintino, on the double bass.